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            ACO Mold - Plastic injection mold manufacturer

            Aco Mold Co Limited, a Chinese mold manufacturer located in Shenzhen, dedicates in injection mold tooling, manufacturing and plastic injection moulding services, offers custom injection mold making and plastic parts production for global companies.
            Aco Mold Co Ltd Factory
            ? CAD design/mold flow analysis/DFM.
            ? Injection mold, die-casting making, CNC turning.
            ? Plastic Injection molding.
            ? Rapid prototyping, low volume production.
            ? Painting, skill printing, assembly.
            Our company has 60 well trained China mold makers employed, 10 experienced mold engineers and 6 mold designers, to ensure high quality plastic injection mold manufacturing and plastic molding service. more...
            Contact ACO Now!
            Custom injection mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding in China.

            +86 150-1247-2161


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